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color-bar, file color coding for your folders with intaglio or LabelsAnywhere by colorflex


color-bar, file color coding for your folders with intaglio or LabelsAnywhere by colorflex



On-Demand Color Coding
Color Coding





File Color Coding
color-bar, file color coding for your folders

File Color coding is used to create  a visual indexing system for your files. Every letter and number is assigned a specific constant color. When applied to files on an open shelf system you can easily see the bands of color designating each letter or number.
Color coding your files provides the following benefits.

  • Color coding prevents misfiles.
  • Allows quicker retrieval of information.
  • Creates a professional image with your customers.
  • Reduces the cost of managing your files.

Print On-Demand

On-Demand label printing means you can label, route, file and organize your folder files immediately. You control how many labels you need, when you need them, plus they can be printed on-site and affixed to your folders for immediate use. On-demand label printing means your files don't pile up or get misfiled. You control how many and when labels are printed. With Intaglio, our suite of state-of-the-art label design and printing software, you can optimize your paper filing system easily and quickly. Whatever you require on your labels, bar codes, file headings, color coded indexing, graphics, text, labels can be created onsite and tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Some additional benefits of  Print On-demand  color coding software.

  • Uses strip labels that will cut labor costs over individual sticky labels.
  • Any information can be used on labels
  • Graphics, Logos or any picture can be put on labels.
  • Barcodes can be printed for use with our tracking systems.
  • Integrates easily with our file tracking software.


File Color Coding

File color coding can be an asset to a business in many ways. Color coding files is the first step to an organized filing system which will lead to a smooth running business.  Order is important to a company because, otherwise, your productivity will slow down.  This is a downfall for many businesses because when this happens you begin to lose money.  There are several advantages to implementing color coding into your office, at home or in a corporate setting.   

Color coding files is an easy and convenient way to manage important documents and other important written information.  Big bright tabs, included in a system such as this, can provide you with a quick glance system to help you swiftly pick out files with a fast look.  It will also improve your accuracy.  In a time crunch, there is a good possibility that you could grab the wrong file; however a color coding system would decrease this risk.  What this means to your company is that you will spend less time searching for a file and more time focused on the client or project that the file is for.   

Color coding your files is a great first step in managing your important paper based business information and provides a great ROI in short period of time. Not only does it save you money in wasted time searching for misfiled records but  color coding will allow you to make better business decisions because you have the information you need when you need it.

More on File Color Coding

The task of managing your records is multi-faceted. Various methods and tools can be used. File color coding is one such tool that can make a huge difference. File color coding can virtually eliminate misfiled records. If yours is a business that has to maintain thousands of paper files, file color coding will certainly make your life easier. If you have compliance concerns and here the phrase "missing file" to often, it is probably long overdue that you implement a good file color coding system.

We can help help you implement a system that fits your needs and your budget. Contact us

color-bar, file color coding for your folders with intaglio or LabelsAnywhere by colorflex



color-bar, file color coding for your folders


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